WhoWhatWhereWhat categoryHow much 🙂
Nisha Israeli GiftsNisha is a shop focused on Israeli gifts situated in the heart of Emek Refa’im that sells only Israeli made products. You’re sure to find some unique items in this store and one of a kind gifts.Emek Refaimgifts15% discount
Ben AmiQuality Caffe/ Restaurant and a supreme PatisserieEmek RefaimfoodFor every meal receive a free coffy and home made brownie
ZuzuGuided Segway tours in Jerusalem and Tel Avivattractions1+1 on Segway tours (240 Nis) 1+1 on the Bicycle tour (230 Nis)
ZuzuCooking workshhop at Mahane Yehuda marketMahane Yehuda Marketattractions280 Nis (instead of 480)
ZuzuA culinary tour of the Mahane Yehuda marketMahane Yehuda Marketattractions110 Nis instead of 150 Nis
Babbette CaffeBelgian-style waffle bar that has become quite well-known in JerusalemDown Townfood12% discount
The BlockA boulder climbing wall where the climber is not secured by rope but falls on a large mattress.Down Townattractions40 Nis instead of 50 + free gear
Climbing CenterIsrael Sports Climbing CenterMalchaattractions50% discount
BeerbazarThe trendiest place in the city to buy your brewsMahane Yehuda Marketbar. Every pint of beer for the price of a 1/3 instead of 29 you pay 23
IshtabachA restaurant that specializes in Kurdish-Syrian bread of potatoes and meatMahane Yehuda Marketfood15% discount
Escape RoomEscape room: The amazing adventure game that has taken over the world. Looking for something crazy to do? Book now and give it a tryץDown TownattractionsA game for 6 for 360 instead of 480
Time Elevater JerusalemJerusaelem as you have never experienced in a spectacular and innovative multimedia showMamilaattractions25% discount
The City of DavidThe Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem is located in the medieval citadel known as the Tower of David, near the Jaffa Gate, the historic entrance to the Old City.The old CitymuseumsEnterence for the price of 18 Nis instead of 40 nis
The City of David Night ShowThe walls of the citadel serve as a stage for a nightime show which is a celebration of sight and soundThe old CityThe light show for 40 Nis instead of 55 Nis
The Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish QuarterThe Jewish Quarter contains various sites at which you can hear and feel Jerusalem’s past and present. You can enter houses, stroll down streets, meet people and hear their stories of the neighborhoods and people of Jerusalem that once walked through the very same places you will visit.The old Citymuseums50% discount to all museums in the site
Hahu Im haChultzot (The guy with the T shirts)A huge variety of shirts with funny Israeli designs. All the shirts are made in IsraelDown Towngifts20% discount
The Hebrew Music MuseumAn impressive collection of musical instruments and interactive exhibits that help visitors explore the incredible breadth of history and culture that has shaped Hebrew music through out the ages.Down Townmuseums30 instead of 50
The Begin CenterThe Center’s museum is an experiential multimedia exhibit telling the story of one of the most important chapters in the history of the State of Israel through the life of Menachem Begin, the sixth Prime Minister of Israel.Emek Refaimmuseums15 instead of 25
The Biblical ZooThe Biblical Zoo is ranked year after year as one of the top tourist sites in Israel.Malchaattractions45 nis instead of 55
Burger MarketBurger&Beer. Burger Market is a trendy hamburger restaurant located near the Mahane Yehuda market.Mahane Yehuda Marketfoodwhen buying a meal (except goose liver) extra Pineapple, artichoke, onion jam, egg or portobello for free
Herzl CenterHerzl Center - zionism begins here. A spectacular audio-visual program that gives you the opportunity to join the “Visionary of the Jewish State”.Mount Herzlmuseums10 nis instead of 25
AHAVAShop AHAVA for moisturizing mineral body lotions, anti-aging skincare, suncare, men's skincare products & foot and hand creams.Down Towngifts30% discount for the AHAVA kits
Bible Lands Museum JerusaelmIt is the only museum of its kind in the world, where the civilizations of the Ancient Near East are brought to life from the dawn of civilization to the early Christian era.Hakiryamuseums22 NIS instead of 44 NIS
City of DavidThe City of David offers numerous Tours and Attractions at the different Ancient Jerusalem sites: City of David, Armon Hanatziv and the Mount of Olives.The old Citymuseums10% at the entrance and on tours
Musem of the seam - socio-political contemporary art museumMuseum on the Seam is a unique museum in Israel, displaying contemporary art that deals with different aspects of the socio-political reality.Palmach St.museumsEntrance fee is 25 NIS instead of 30 NIS
Yala Basta - tour of Mahane Yehuda MarketYalla Basta’s Shuk Bites cards and guided tours enable you to meet, feel and taste the true rhythm of the most bubbly markets in Israel from the inside.Mahane Yehuda Marketattractions10% discount for the shuk bites (with coupon code)
Bitmojo tours of Mahane YehudaEverything there is to know about the Machane Yehuda MarketMahane Yehuda MarketattractionsVirtual Tours with App in Mahane Yehuda Market 15% discount (with coupon code)
Emanuel -Manuel designs and crafts various Judaica products based upon a fusion of traditional motifs and ancient Jewish manuscripts with modern and oriental art.Talpiyotgifts25% discount
Pasta BastaPasta Basta is a warm and popular gathering place for good food, good music and lots of fun.Mahane Yehuda MarketfoodA free cup of cold tea / Chaser limoncello when ordering a pasta
PIzza Hut - Ben HIllelGreat Pizza at Ben Hillel st. in the centre of town.Down Townfoodfree topings on your pizza