What is L’Chaim Yerushalayim?

The World Zionist Organization’s L’Chaim Yerushalayim program aims to connect world Jewry with Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people.
Jews living in Israel together with those who live in the Diaspora will gather in Jerusalem to mark fifty years since the city’s reunification.
Young Jews from all around the world will join thousands of young Israelis for a once in a lifetime experience of getting to know the many different sides of Jerusalem-
its culture, community and history.

During this special week Jerusalem and the State of Israel will be at the center of the lives of these young Diaspora Jews.

The program will take place between May 21st-28th, 2017 and is aimed for ages 18-30.

You will be hosted by Israeli families throughout the country and be able to create your own personal Jerusalem experience: take part in cultural events, performances,
meetings, advocacy conferences, culinary tours, visiting the cornerstones of the Jewish heritage and more.

Why should you participate in L’Chaim Yerushalayim?

This is a golden opportunity for you to take part in the festivities marking 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

On this visit you’ll learn about contemporary Israeli culture, meet people your age from all over the world and be hosted by local Israeli families.


Who will you meet over the course of the week?

The week’s activities will create opportunities for you to meet with some of Israel’s elite – VIPs, cultural figures, intellectuals, leaders and key figures in Israeli society.


What’s special about visiting Jerusalem this particular week?

Over the course of Jerusalem Week you will have the opportunity to participate in special Yom Yerushalayim events around the city. You’ll learn about Jerusalem’s millennia-long history, and get to know modern Jerusalem with all of its complexity and beauty. At the Machane Yehuda open-air market, Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall, Mamilla, the Old City, Mount Scopus and other special places you will meet local residents, sample food and beverages– from simple street fare to upscale restaurant cuisine – and enjoy countless entertainment options. The event schedule is continuously being updated on the website, under “Recommended Activities.”


What age is the program intended for?

Participation is open to ages 18-30.


What is the registration deadline?

The deadline for L’Chaim Yerushalayim is May 7th, 2017.  Please note that space is limited.

How much does it cost to participate in L’Chaim Yerushalayim?

Participation in L’chaim Yerushalayim is free!


Are Jerusalem Week participants entitled to an airfare discount?

Yes. El Al offers you a 10% discount on El Al flights to and from Israel between May 16th -29th , 2017.


How do I get the airfare discount?

To receive the discount you must present the benefit code JRS2017 to the El Al salesperson.

To see the list of El Al offices and their contact information in this file: EL-AL-EN.


Do I have to fly El Al?

No. You can fly with any airline you choose. El Al offers a 10% discount to program participants.


Can I come for less than a week?



Can I come before the program starts and leave after it ends?


The El Al discount code is valid when reserving flights between May 16th and May 29th, 2017.
Host families are only required to host you during the dates of the program, between the dates of May 21st-28th, 2017.


Who will be hosting me during Jerusalem Week/L’Chaim Yerushalayim?

During the activity week, May 21st -28th, 2017 participants will be hosted by Israeli families around the country.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, and to enjoy Israeli hospitality.


What does hospitality include?

Your Israeli host family will open their home to you free of charge. You will sleep there and from there you will depart for trips and activities during your stay. Family hospitality consists of accommodations only and does not include meals, transportation and the like. Anything beyond accommodations is “extra” and is offered at the host family’s discretion.


Does hospitality include meals?

The family hospitality does not include meals. This is an issue that is left up to the host families.



L’Chaim Yerushalayim participants will be hosted by Israeli families. The degree of kashrut observance varies from family to family. Please indicate when registering whether you wish to be hosted by a family that observes the laws of kashrut, and we will make every effort to accommodate you accordingly.


We want to come as a group of friends. Can we sleep in the same place?

If you and your friends are coming together as a group, please state this when registering. We will do our best to coordinate hospitality for all of you with families who live in the same community. This will enable you and your friends to spend the week together, both in Israel and in Jerusalem


We are a couple coming to Israel together. Can we be hosted by the same family?

If you are coming as a couple, please note this when you register. We will make every effort to arrange for you to be hosted by the same family.


What happens after I register?

When the registration process has been completed and you have received confirmation of registration, a World Zionist Organization representative will contact you regarding hospitality. While registering via the website, please remember to include your flight details and up-to-date contact information.


What do I need to take care of before I arrive in Israel?

You are responsible for reserving the most convenient flight for you and for arranging whatever medical and travel insurance suits you best.


Medical insurance

You are responsible for arranging your own medical and travel insurance. L’Chaim Yerushalayim does not share in these costs and does not insure participants.


What happens when I arrive in Israel?

Once you arrive at your host family’s home you will be able to put down your bags, have a cup of coffee and begin your Israeli journey. This is a great opportunity to get to know your hosts a little better and to plan the rest of your week together.


How will I get around during the L’chaim Yerushalayim week in Israel?

Commuting in Israel during your stay will be by public transportation. In case organized transportation will be available, participants will be notified.